Financial Settlement

Burroughs Solicitors understands that with divorce comes the division of assets which can make financial settlement after divorce a tricky topic for those involved. This is why we provide legal advice for financial settlements to ensure negotiations are kept professional and amicable. 

Family law is extremely complex and requires delicate navigation. Whether you’re in discussions about your children and child maintenance, the family home, or other, our divorce financial settlement solicitors will be there to carefully guide and advise you from start to finish. We will ensure that your concerns are well-represented and the best possible outcome is achieved. 

Financial Settlement Solicitors in Maidstone, Gillingham, and Kent

Established in 1976, we’ve built a strong team of specialist solicitors who can help with your divorce and financial settlement needs. We understand that the prospect of legal work can be daunting but with our friendly and client-focused approach, you can be sure to experience a comprehensive, step-by-step process that’ll help you to find clarity and a resolution. 

Offering fixed-free interviews with our clients, you can have peace of mind knowing that our services for financial settlement after a divorce are transparent, so if you’re looking for the right solicitors for a financial settlement, contact Burroughs Solicitors. Our highly experienced divorce financial settlement solicitor services are available to those located throughout Maidstone, Gillingham, and the Medway Towns of Kent.